We are an experienced team of electricians available to complete all electrical jobs large and small.

From a single LED upgrade to a full rewire, rely on us for any electrical work you need.


Light switches moved

Have you found that using one of your light switches is awkward?

The switch is simply in the wrong place and can be relocated by our team. Whatever the reason for needing a light switch moved, call us to get the job done.

Want a light installed that can be operated from more than one switch? We are here to make that happen.

From downstairs to upstairs, the front door to the end of the hall – we can fit 2-gang switch plates as required to make life simpler.


Electrical sockets installed, moved and repaired

Today, we need electrical points to help charge our phones and laptops. We also need sockets for lamps, TVs, kettles, toasters and many other appliances. Everyday life is easier if there are multiple sockets around the home. Our qualified electricians are available to add sockets to any room in the home. Trust us to complete the work to your complete satisfaction.

Do you have a socket that no longer works? Call our team to have it replaced or repaired. We make sure the socket is safe to use and working properly again. Don’t leave an electrical outlet unused, call us to repair it.

If you have an electrical socket that is ugly or badly placed, we can remove it safely. You don’t have to leave things as they are, get us to move your sockets to suit you. It’s your home – make the electrical sockets work the way you want them to.