Portable 3-pin charging cable

These plug into a standard household PowerPoint and are generally supplied with your EV when you purchase it.

Realistically, these will probably charge your EV within 8-12 hours which is fine if you don’t need to drive your vehicle much during the day.

  • Some cars will come with a larger plug to charge your EV faster, like a caravan plug – this will require one of our Electricians to install a special PowerPoint for you so it is compatible.
  • Do not use extension cables or adaptors.
  • To reduce the strain and maximise the life of your EV’s battery, avoid charging to full every day unless you have to.

Wall-mounted charging unit

A dedicated wall-mounted charging unit is a great asset to complement your electric car.

These are becoming more common and convenient as they can charge your EV significantly faster than the aforementioned method, using just a standard wall-plug.

There are a number of different options in the market, with the higher-end chargers having smartphone compatibility.

Legally, we will have to install a dedicated circuit to your charger, back to the switchboard. These wall-mounted chargers draw more current than most appliances in your house so we will run a cable rated to handle this extra load. This will put your EV charger on its own fuse – this is advantageous because it will mean any faults elsewhere in your house do not have an impact on the EV charger.