Switchboards go unnoticed much of the time but they are an essential part of the home.

A switchboard is the central control of a property’s electrical system. It protects the home from electrical overloads and serves as a fault-finding device.

As an important safety feature, switchboards should never be neglected.


When to have a switchboard replaced

If you have an ageing switchboard, it’s time for a replacement. Trust Moses Electrical to fit a new fuse board – our electricians are highly skilled and qualified.

If you notice the following signs, call us to check your switchboard. We can let you know if you need a replacement.

  • The wiring looks too crowded on the board
  • There is any sign of burns or smoking
  • You hear buzzing sounds from the switchboard
  • Power outlets spark when you plug in appliances
  • The lights in the home flicker regularly
  • If your fuses are porcelain, it is an old board
  • You experience short circuits
  • The backing on the board is black, this is a sign of an old system

The benefits of a new switchboard

A modern, upgraded switchboard not only looks good but also has many benefits. As safety technology has improved over the years, the protection offered by a new switchboard has increased.

  • Circuit breakers are easy to reset – just a flick of the switch and the power is back on
  • RCD protection detects an imbalance in the electrical circuit. It can save injuries from electric shocks
  • New switchboards are designed for modern living and appliance use
  • A new board is a selling feature if you are thinking of moving home soon

Call us for a quote to install a new switchboard. We will provide a written breakdown of the costs, including the supply and fit of a new board. We also provide a Certificate of Compliance for your records.


Moving a switchboard

If you are having renovation work completed on your home and find the switchboard is in the wrong place, contact us about moving it. Older homes were wired many decades ago when life was different. The original switchboard location might not be convenient today.

Tell us where you want it, or ask for our professional opinion. We can provide some guidance and ideas if you are not sure where to put your switchboard.


Replacement switchboards made easy

Replacing your switchboard might sound daunting, but you can leave it to us.

We have upgraded many electrical systems and know how to make the process stress-free.

Call us with your needs, and we will take it from there


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