There are many electrical services companies in Wellington, but there are none that can provide the type of quality service that Moses Electrical can offer you and your family. We pride ourselves on making sure the electrical services in Wellington that you receive are completed around your schedule and done right the first time.

Moses Electrical offers different types of residential electrical services in Wellington. For example, if you find yourself without hot water, there is a possibility that there may be an electrical issue with your hot water system. The best person to identify the problem would be one of our qualified electricians because there may be a fault in the original wiring. Our electricians will be able to determine whether the system would require rewiring or if a quick and easy fix is possible.

Other electrical services in Wellington that we can provide include wiring to new buildings, LED lighting upgrades, custom wiring jobs and service to outside lighting. We understand that each of these elements can play a critical part in your everyday life which means that they need to be working correctly at all times. Our electricians provide the fast and accurate services that you need to make sure that each of these aspects is functioning optimally.

If you have any electrical issues, please call us anytime on 04 890 4862 or use our contact page to learn different ways to reach out to our company.

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