While a significant number of New Zealand car owners are going green with electric cars, you might still be in a dilemma when it comes to charging. Of course, you would be having a dedicated charging port at home. This is the most viable option to charge your vehicle, considering your convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Most electric vehicle owners hire certified electricians to integrate a dedicated port for their electric vehicle charger. Statistics reveal that almost four-fifths of EV owners charge their cars at home. In case you are yet to install a dedicated charging point, it’s time to get across to an electrician.

How can you charge your EV at home?

Charging your electric vehicle would be convenient if you have a charging point in the parking zone itself. For backup purposes, it makes sense to purchase an EVSE supply cable that would work with a 3-pin plug. Dedicated charging points work better for electric vehicles, consider their speed and inbuild features to ensure safety.

However, only qualified electricians can install dedicated chargers for electric vehicles. So, you need to be choosy about who you are hiring for the installation.

How fast can you charge your electric car at home?

Plugging your EV into a normal wall outlet at your home can work. However, this is the slowest option, as the process utilizes the internal charger of the car. This way, charging your car can take up almost the entire day. These are termed as ‘level 1 charging stations’, and they operate with 120-volt plugs. With this type of charging mechanism, you cannot charge more than one vehicle at a time.

Well, does it make sense to spend the entire day charging your car? This justifies why more car owners hire an experienced electrician Wellington to install level 2 charging stations at their homes. These charging points are much faster, and you can fully charge your vehicle in 4-5 hours. 

Mostly, electricians install these charging stations in the parking zone or garages. You can directly wire the station to the domestic electric supply line once you hire a certified electrician.

How can you install an electric car charging point at your home?

Considering safety and professional installation, it makes sense to hire a certified electrician to install the charging point of your electric vehicle. The experts would mount the charging point on your garage wall or an exterior wall. Typically, this should be close to where you park your car. Next, they would safely connect the charging station to the electric supply mains.

With an accomplished electrician at your service, you can get the entire infrastructure set up in three hours. These days, most Australians book the installations online and schedule an appointment with reputed electricians. The experts can also guide you through the process once you get across to them.

How often should you charge your electric car?

Once you have a level-2 charging station installed at your home, you can charge your car as and when you need it. This is simply like charging your mobile phone, as the requirement arises. Experts recommend charging the vehicles overnight, so that the cars have a full charge by the time you use them in the morning. A professionally installed charging station ensures the safe and efficient charging of your electric car.

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