At Moses Electrical, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service and quality work. Our team of electricians are available with all the tools and knowledge they need to tackle your electrical needs, big or small.

You cannot afford to put electrical repair responsibilities in your own hands: there are simply too many safety and functionality concerns to take into consideration. Leave these issues to the professionals to ensure a small repair doesn’t turn into a massive household issue—or a threat to your family’s wellbeing.

When Do You Need an Electrician?

There any many signs and signals that indicate you need an electrician. At Moses Electrical, we want you to know what to look out for so you can contact us, day or night, for quick service. Here are some indicators you need to call your friendly electrician in Johnsonville, Wellington:

Overloading – There’s a reason electric wires are buried within walls—it’s so people and household activity do not easily disturb the cords. Undisturbed wiring systems will work longer but wiring systems that are open and accessible may be more susceptible to potential issues. Keep on the lookout for wiring that is unprotected or uncovered.

Hot to the Touch – If you own an application that generates heat, the only place that should be hot is inside the designated heating area—nowhere else. The last place that should be hot is where the device connects to power. If the outlet is warm or hot, unplug the appliance immediately.

Sparks – This indicator is easy to spot. Any sparks coming from an electrical device is a bad sign. Cut the application’s power source if possible and give us a call.

For a professional electrician in the Johnsonville Wellington area, contact us today.

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