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We Focus On All Residential Work 

At Moses Electrical our technicians are fully trained to handle any domestic job


We go the extra mile, We use a 3 step process  

1. Prewire (We install your cables)

2. Onsite visit to cut lights holes and test all electrical cables (To ensure no screws or nails have gone though our cables)

3. Fit off and Test (Get everything working)


Emergency 24/7 Response

Free call from landline or mobile 0800 32 40 40 to speak with our support team. They will put you through to a technician immediately.

Right First Time

We get it right the first time, delivering comprehensive electrical services including installation, upgrading and repairs.

Professional and Safety Focussed

You can feel confident calling Moses Electrical, knowing our highly trained electricians will treat you, your family and your property with respect and attention to safety you deserve.   

Registered Tradesmen

All oure tradesmen are registered. This ensures that you get the security of knowing that you job has been done right!

Comeptitive Rates

Offen we can price up the work on the spot with our price menu system

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Call us on  0800 32 40 40 to discuss you needs. We're here to help.

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