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  • Sick of replacing lightbulbs all the time?
  • Want to save on your energy bill?
  • Do you want an aesthetically pleasing fitting that provides more natural and ambient light?

LED Lighting Replacement

Electrician Wellington


How LED Downlight Can Cut Energy and Maintenance Costs

Electrician Wellington

LED Downlight

• New LED downlight’s run at a fraction of the wattage (power consumption) of a halogen or incandescent light fitting, meaning you will save on your electricity bill. A 75w incandescent or 50w halogen is typically replaced with a 8-12w LED.
• They are a fully sealed unit, meaning no more drafts or lost heat through the light fittings.
• Our LED lights are IC/IC-F rated meaning they are rated to be covered with insulation to keep the heat where it is needed – inside your home.
• They are virtually maintenance-free, no more faulty transformers, lamp holders or blowing bulbs – just install and forget.
• You can select a colour temperature; warm white, cool white or moonlight. (3000k, 4000k, 5000k) and this can be changed at any time.

6 Reasons To Hire Moses Electrical For LED Lighting Installation

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