You wouldn’t want all that money you paid for one going down the drain, would you?

In order to maintain a healthy, functioning and efficient heat pump – we do recommend you service your heat pump a minimum of once every 12 months.


Starting from $263+ GST

  • Removal and washing of the indoor unit filters & the disinfection of the coil
  • Checking the fan wheel and motor for excessive dirt build-up, noise and balance
  • Wiping down unit casing and removal of all finger marks
  • Test running unit on heating/cooling and record on/off temperatures
  • Checking and changing batteries in the remote controller if required – New Batteries will be charged in addition to maintenance.
  • Checking electrical terminations and tightening if required
  • Removing the outdoor unit lid and checking for vermin or insect nests
  • and more

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Why should I get a Heat Pump Service?

Protect your investment

Apart from being a requirement of your manufacturer’s warranty, this will prevent your unit from producing unpleasant smells and will maintain the unit’s efficiency.

If you neglect your heat pump for too long, it will stop producing any heat all together and will not be healthy. 

A filter blocked with dirt can mean that insufficient air would pass over the evaporator coil causing inefficiency in the unit, and over a long period could well be harmful to the major components of the unit, especially the compressor.