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You may find the cheapest heat pump is sometimes the most expensive to run.

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Our entry level heat pump offers a fine balance between value for money, and comfort level. This option includes supply and install for a standard Heat Pump with enough power to heat an average size living area.
Great for Rented properties and small areas; especially in homes that already have a heat pump or two.

Most Popular

With an award winning design and industry leading, 7 star “Super Efficiency” energy rating*, the Avanti PLUS® split system heat pump is efficient as it is stylish.
Included is an energy saving motion sensor, improved automatic mode for even more precise temperature control and more.


With a discreet design that can be completely concealed in your ceiling and the ability to heat or cool multiple rooms Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted heat pumps offer a quiet and flexible solution for any Kiwi home.**

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Why should I get a Heat Pump?

It’s not just a heater…

Heat Pumps suffer perhaps one of the more confusing and misleading names of any household device.

Not only does it pump warm air into your home, it can also pump cool air in. And it does this while being, 400% more efficient

Yes. You read that right. Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient way to keep your home warm, and stay healthy.

Running Costs

Everyone’s heard heat pumps are an efficient way of keeping your home warm. But, how efficient?

To explain, we’ll need to look at a crucial number in determining heating/ cooling efficiency. This number is called the COP Number.

Unlike a game of Golf, you really want the highest score possible when it comes to ‘Coefficient of performance’ (or COP) for heating your home.

When shopping around for heat pumps, you may see the term 4kW or 5kW for example, after the model name. This is do with the heating ‘capacity’. If you divide this number by the power input (how much electricity it draws from the grid) you will find the COP number of your heat pump.

The COP number of a typical heat pump is usually between 3 and 4.5.