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Signs You Should Call Emergency Electrician

Electrical hazards come without warning, but when you have one, you need to call an immediate emergency electrician. If the problem calls for professional attention, be fast enough to contact one of the best emergency electricity companies. Many people think of an electrical emergency as a simple power outage that prohibits everyone in the house from utilizing their electronic gadgets. Others consider it to be something far more serious, such as a burning odor coming from an outlet or fire-starting cables. 

In this post, you will get to know when you need to hire seasoned professionals for electrical emergencies.

When do you need an emergency electrician?

A local electrician is available to assist you with both routine maintenance and electrical emergencies. It is not difficult to find a reliable electrician; you only need to pay attention to a few factors. Check out when you need to get in touch with one of these expert teams.

  • Frequent blowing of fuses: It is common for fuses to blow from time to time.  However, if this occurs too often, the fuse should be replaced. The electrical system may be experiencing a significant breakdown. This usually happens when the system consumes more power than the fuses can handle. You can replace the fuse by yourself, but it is advisable to call an electrician Wellington to check the electrical system for any larger issues.
  • Sudden smell of burning: Burning smells from electrical appliances or wiring can be a major issue. A burnt-plastic smell can indicate broken wires, which can lead to an electrical fire. It is recommended that you turn off the electricity to the area where the odor is coming from and immediately contact an electrician.
  • Overloaded Outlets: Does your in-house outlet accumulate brown or charred stains?  If they do, they are most likely due to overload. As a result, it becomes extremely hot. You will definitely need the help of an expert to handle this situation.
  • Wires in the Water: This can be extremely dangerous since electrocution or fire can occur if someone or something comes in touch with water or an object within the water.
  • Exposed Circuits: Any time you encounter exposed circuits, there is a risk of electrocution or fire.

What are the types of electrical emergencies?

The basic and foremost electrical problems include:

  1. Shock from electric appliances: Human bodies absorb electricity; if any part of your body receives an electric shock, electricity can quickly spread throughout the rest of it. Electric shocks can persist for a short or long time and vary in severity. 
  2. Fall in power lines: Power lines can fall for a variety of reasons. For instance, when a car crashes into the post, or strong winds destroy power cables, you need to seek professional help at the earliest.

What to keep in mind while an electrical emergency takes place?

Never touch an electrical switchboard with wet hands and barefooted. To minimize damage, unplug appliances and turn off the power at the premises’ main power switchboard. Make a call to your local emergency electrical services as soon as you notice anything unusual. With these guidelines, you can keep yourself and your family safe. 

At Moses Electrical, we have a team of reliable electricians. Give us a call on 04-890 4862 whenever you need our assistance.


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Tips for Rewiring an Old House

Personal computers, blenders, televisions, and also fridges, none of these lived when lots of ancient houses were established and first wired. Therefore updating electrical systems is a crucial process for a lot of old homes. However, attempts to upgrade electrical systems can frequently lead to a problem to historic structures. Old homes usually require upgrades to electrical systems. Practice these guidelines to get it done without leading to undue or serious damage that cannot be repaired to your premise.


Complete an electrical inventory — Generating a checklist of all the appliances you will be making use of in the dwelling, and where is the first step. Your electrical system requires to accommodate your specifications; working out where and how you will be utilizing power makes it much easier to figure the guidelines of the task.


Confirm regional codes and get permits — Codes arrange requirements for everything from how many outlets you will place in every room to what type of wire you will be utilizing. A failure to get permits can lead to having to draw out completed work.


Determine whether you want to own only electrical, or fire, data, and security as well — Advanced wiring does not only carry electricity, and wireless networks are getting progressively more economical and more advanced.


Make use of your checklist to produce a step-by-step plan of action — As soon as you have completed your first homework, sit down and formulate a punch list that centres on what you want to be completed and when you want it finished; the checklist must be the foundation of your relationship with your electrical installer.


Inspect Breaker panels with a jumble of old wires — These require to be examined very carefully by a lineman for undamaged coatings, burn markings or indications of arcing wear and tear, as well as sturdy connections.


Observe for current infrastructure — A portion of preventing damage is making certain no one punches holes in the plumbing system or established wires. This sort of knowledge requires to be a number one concern in any rewiring task.


Carry out reconstruction and demolition as an essential part of the job —  In case handling the problems carried out by rewiring is not at or close to the top of your list, you are requesting for problems. Make sure restoration and cleanup as crucial as the wiring alone.


Focus on home runs for crucial areas and appliances — The home runs refer to a state when a wire works right from a switch breaker to a socket, with no other products on that breaker. That can minimize loads on the electrical power system and maintain popped breakers to a minimal. In addition, it is crucial to keep track of which places feed to which breakers where there can be found more than one socket is involved. Generating a well-balanced system will make life much easier because your load increases and you put newer wires to use.


Incorporate plates and switches into the historical appeal and sense of the house — Many businesses provide hardware that suits the look and the feel of nearly any period, while offering a far greater border of safety than aged equipment does.


Lastly, you must work with an electrician who understands and comprehends older structures. Working in older properties is a complicated, strenuous, and overwhelming procedure. Therefore, put your trust in Moses Electrical to handle the rewiring of your home. We specialise in electrical maintenance and rewiring, complete home or office fit-outs, residential services, home ventilation systems and electrical safety audits. Call us today on 048 904 862! You can check out our services here

Emergency Electrician Wellington

When to Call an Emergency Electrician and Where to Find Electricians and Electrical Companies in Wellington City NZ

When something goes wrong with the electricity in your home, it can be difficult to know what to do. Is the problem standard or do you need an immediate solution? Problems with electricity can be overwhelming – and understandably so. Electricity is both vital and volatile. It’s not something you want to take chances with. Some issues can wait until Monday morning, while other problems require emergency intervention. At Moses Electrical, we offer 24/7 emergency services as part of our range of electrician services. When you’re deciding whether to call for an electrician in Wellington City, there are some things that can wait – and some things that can’t.

Breaker Trips

A breaker trip is not necessarily dangerous. If your breaker trips, it’s doing its job: detecting an overuse of electricity and protecting your home. Most of the time, it’s perfectly normal for a breaker to trip – it usually just means that you have too many things plugged in and operating simultaneously. If you notice that your breakers trip regularly, it’s time to call an electrician in Wellington NZ to see what’s going on.

Flickering Lights

Have you noticed your lights flickering unexpectedly? This may merely be a sudden charge moving through your home. Lights can flicker when you turn on high-wattage appliances such as space heaters or heavy power tools; storms may also cause this issue. If your lights flicker, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm or emergency intervention, but it might indicate that you should call an electrician shortly to make sure everything is functioning normally.

Sparking Outlets

Sparking outlets are difficult to pin down – and the cause may be relatively benign, or it may be dangerous. If an outlet sparks a lot, sparks for a prolonged period, or sparks unprovoked, you should call an emergency electrician to investigate at once. However, sparking can be normal when plugging something in or turning it on for the first time. When this occurs, it most likely indicates that you need new outlets soon. Many electrical companies in Wellington can help.

When to Call Emergency Electricians in Wellington NZ

So, when is the right time to call an emergency electrician? First, if you feel unsafe, it is an emergency. Safety and security are our top concerns, so don’t hesitate to call Moses Electrical if you feel you may be in a risky situation. Otherwise, call us for an emergency service if you notice signs of an electrical fire, a light that flickers for prolonged periods or buzzes, outlets that show signs of blackening or burning, tripped breakers that refuse to re-engage, outlets that spark unprovoked, outlets or appliances that generate a shock when touched, or any burnt-wire smells.

We provide high-quality, professional electrical services as a trusted company in the Wellington region. Don’t let electrical problems put you in a bind – contact the electricians in Wellington NZ at Moses Electrical today.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Wellington

Moses Electrical Provides 24 Hour Emergency Electricians or After Hours Electricians in Wellington

Electrical issues in your home or business can bring any event or activity to a screeching halt. One moment you are cooking up a massive feast for your family with every one of your electrical kitchen appliances in full swing, the next moment you are standing in the dark.

The bottom line is that you and your family cannot be left in the dark for an extended period. Moses Electrical offers 24 hour electrician services in Wellington for any electrical problems. Our goal will be to get your home and family back to working order with full electricity as soon as possible with the understanding that the work needs to be done the right way, the first time.

Why a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Wellington is Important

One of the main reasons why a 24 hour emergency electrician in Wellington is so important is the fact that an electrical emergency never happens at the right time. We rely heavily on our electrical devices and appliances to keep our world going. If we are unable to turn a light on, charge our mobile phones or turn on our computers, we are left in a position where we can’t maintain certain parts of our daily lives. You need a 24 hour electrician in Wellington to get you back up and running fast.

Specific electrical issues need to be addressed without delay. If you suspect that you have a wiring issue in your electrical system, you ought to address it immediately. Our after hours electrician in Wellington will come to your location to fully access your electrical system to avoid any potentially serious outcomes. Faulty wiring can easily lead to electrical fires, shocks or other injuries.

If an emergency such as an electrical fire occurs, in the turmoil and stress of the event it is easy to forget that an electrician is needed to put the pieces pulled apart by the fire back together. When we complete the electrical work for your property, we do it with the goal of getting it spot-on to prevent any future electrical emergencies

Let Us Be Your On-Call Electrician

Emergencies often happen at the most inopportune time of day. Moses Electrical is a trusted name when you need a 24 hour emergency electrician in Wellington that you can count on for any of your electrical emergencies. We understand that we need to get you back up and running as soon as possible and will work around your needs and schedule to make sure we meet that goal.

For more information about our emergency electrician services, please call us anytime on 0800-32-40-40 or use our contact page for more ways to reach out to us. We are here to service and remedy all your emergency electrical needs.