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Home Electrical Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

There is a great deal of extraordinary things that homeowners may be able to do on their own. In today’s Do It Yourself world, it is astonishing to witness what the normal person can accomplish with two hands and no past training. Re-tiling a bathroom, setting up fencing, or remodelling a room used to alone be tasks for expert contractors. Nowadays, homeowners are getting their power equipment and managing these projects on their own. While this could be an\ extremely rewarding procedure, there are particular projects that must be left to the specialists. The absolute majority of those tasks include electrical work. Particular house electrical projects are not only complex, but they could also be hazardous to try. The following are some instances of home electrical jobs that you really should never do on your own.

Fixing an Electrical Panel

It is not only a matter of the fact that you have to have intensive training to rectify or set up an electrical panel, but you also require an electrical permit to do so. That essentially makes it illegitimate to attempt to fix an electrical panel on your own. Panel work could be extremely difficult and very hazardous to try to mend on your own.

Changing, Expanding, or Setting Power Cables

As soon as the wires are set up or changed, the task requires to be examined and inspected by a professional electrical inspector. This is due to the fact you are not authorized to hook up your own wire work to the electricity source on your own. Your electrical examiner will want to observe that this has been accomplished by a qualified electrician. The examiner will only give out a certification of Compliance in case it accommodates their safety criteria.

Installing New Switches

In case you have detected that your fittings or points are starting to wear out in your house, it might be time to set up newer switches. This may perhaps appear to be a relatively easy process at first, but it is much more complicated than you think. For example, you have to be sure that you will check for hot cables before you can start any work. When you are not aware of how to manage this, it could lead to incidents or fires. You will need a professional electrician to apply specialized equipment to unscrew the switch so that it can be pulled away from the box

Installing a Junction Box

Absolutely no wiring splices are allowed on the exterior of an authorized enclosure. The National Electrical Code or NEC set this rule in place. That is when a junction box comes into the scenario. A junction box is essentially an electrical box that gets connected to the framework of a house and consists of the splice of two or more circuit wires or cables. The junction box need to be in place with a detachable cover for reach.

Although this might sound like it could possibly be completed on your own, it is never encouraged to attempt to do so. You will need specific equipment that you might not have unless of course, you are an\ expert electrician. This house electrical task needs you to check cables and current. If this project is {performed|carried out} improperly, it can be very unsafe and costly to repair.

Instead of going the Do It Yourself route, which could potentially harm you and put your property and family at risk, why not let professional electrician team from Moses Electrical to handle anything that involves electricity?  Call us today on 048 904 862! You can check out our services here


How Lightning Damages Homes And Tips For Prevention

Everyday thunderstorms can have dangerous lightning. Lightning damages house quite as much as some of these other points, however, you might not think about it as much simply because while hail might land in a large area, lightning strikes are much less widespread.

The danger of lightning is a significant problem because of lightning damages houses. The most severe situation of lightning causing damage to a house is a fire starting up because of the lightning strike. This scenario can end in a reduction of your house, however, there are other possible approaches lightning damages houses.

Lightning can generate a power spike in your house that results in your destruction to your electronic products. Owning a smart home that is connected by electronic devices could end up in even more problems down the route because you have to check and substitute broken Owning a smart home that is connected by electronic devices could end up in even more problems down the route because you have to check and substitute broken portions of your system.portions of your system. It could be a genuine issue that gets costly quickly depending on what requires to be changed.

How Can Lightning Enter Your Home?

It may come in when it hits your home straight away. It could also come in when it hits an item on your roofing system.  This item could be your weather vane, satellite dish, or any kind of antenna you might have mounted. Your roof chimney or dormer may let lightning come into the house. When you have hidden fencing set up for your dog, this may allow lighting to go into your home. Additionally, irrigation systems may be an\ entrance for lightning. A definitive way is by using any metal pipelines that run into your house. No matter how it gets in it is crucial to keep in mind that lightning damages houses, and it is important to secure your home.

How Can You Protect Your Home from Lightning Damage?

Nobody is able to predict where lightning could and would strike, however taking preventive steps for your house is the best protection you could have. A lightning protection system is a reliable way to shield your home. Lightning causes damage to houses, but using this sort of system may help you in discharging the electricity from the lightning strike away from your house itself. A lightning protection system will stop the lightning strike to your home and generate a track for the power outside of your house. Once the system is operating properly, it puts a stop to the lightning’s likely damage to your property and family.

Surge protection is yet another option to shield your home from the impairs that could be triggered by a lightning strike. This kind of device assists to prevent any kind of damage from the lighting which will make it to your appliances or electronics.

In addition, you also have the choice of having your system secured, so that it matches these specifications as well as having any recommendations on greater protection provided. Setting up a lightning protection system as another protection beside a panel box surge protective device will be able to make sure that your house has protection from power surges that are caused by lightning and other electrical surges produced outside of your house.

Make sure to turn to electrical professionals at Moses Electrical to come in and evaluate your system. Check out the rest of our services here and Call us today on 048 904 862 to schedule an appointment!

switchboard upgrade

Taking a Look Inside Your Switchboard

If you have been curious to know about the insides of standard switchboards, keep on reading to identify some common components of switchboards,

Rewirable Fuse

The fuse wire is capable of handling a specific amount of current up to a specified point (for example, 10amps) and as soon as this limit has been exceeded the fuse wire will break and melt the electricity flow. This normally occurs when the circuit is being overloaded or when a short circuit happens.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers were utilized to switch out fuses for the subsequent overload protection equipment. The benefits circuit breakers have over fuses are their capability to be smoothly readjusted by flicking a button or switch instead of having to rewire a fuse, are more delicate to current irregularities, less difficult to determine defective circuits and their reusability which helps you to save on maintenance expenses. Circuit breakers come in numerous forms, amongst  the more typical forms include:

  • MCBs — These are the modern circuit breaker which provides overload protection while being more compact which takes up less space in the switchboard. They are the most common form
  • Circuit breaker – A very early type of circuit breaker could be recognized by its huge black casing and are truly much bigger compared to the more advanced MCB other models
  • Push-button MCB – These were utilized as a fast and inexpensive way to switch out fuses by becoming a plug-in circuit breaker which still utilizes the fuse foundation. They work the same way like an\ average MCB but make use of a push-button rather than a switch.
  • Plug-in MCB – These are the updated variation of Push Button MCBs. Similarly, they also use the authentic fuse base and offer an even smoother reset feature utilising a switch and have a fast detection for off or defective circuits.

Residual Current Devices

These refer to the electrical safety devices which diagnose minute adjustments in current between the red stage and black natural wires. Once a difference in current is recognized (normally triggered by seepage to earth because of an electrical defect) it forces the RCD to trip and start triggering power loss to that circuit.

They include an additional layer of protection over average MCBs simply because they can detect possibly hazardous defect currents that might not be big enough to overload the MCB instantaneously yet still can trigger damage or death to an individual.  They could be recognized as a very wide looking MCB that comes with a test button

  • Main Switch and main fuse

Both Main Switch and Main fuse are the final lines of protection on your regular switchboard. In concept, these should never blow or trip because the RCD or MCB safeguarding the circuit need to trip before these do. The main function of these two components is that they are primarily utilized to isolate power to your overall setup, which makes it secure to undertake standard electrical maintenance such as rewire fuses or switch out light fixtures or power points

All of the above concludes the typical breakdown of what you can discover within your typical domestic household switchboard.

Similar to everything electrical, when you are uncertain or concerned about anything you identify in your switchboard or what you can do with it, you are recommended to contact an electrician at Moses Electrica to take a look and investigate your switchboard.

For all your switchboard needs,  give us a call on 048 904 862 to secure your peace of mind now.  You can check out the rest of our services here

LED Lighting

Converting to LEDs and Saving on Your Power Bill

In today’s market, there are numerous lighting alternatives offered for companies. Choices vary from conventional incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights known as CFLs, then the halogens, and the last one is light-emitting diodes or LEDs. There are numerous excellent LED lighting choices to pick from, and LED lighting technological innovation has come a long way. Regardless of whether you are updating current lighting or fitting lighting in a newer build, you will need to discover the proper LED light for your unique space.

Light-emitting diodes are growing to be the favoured option for basic lighting applications throughout all industries ― industrial, workplaces, automotive, broadcasting, showrooms, electronic implementation, and entertainment, to mention a few. Light-emitting Diode lighting is increasing in popularity simply because it offers an energy-efficient option to provide light for places, both inside and outside, with people-pleasing lighting, at a fraction of the expense of standard fluorescent, CFLs, and incandescent light bulbs


What are the excellent reasons to switch your current lighting choice to LED?

1. Energy Savings

Light-emitting diodes call for less energy simply because they pull in much less electricity compared to other lighting technologies, such as halogens and fluorescents. Light-emitting diodes only squander five per cent of the produced energy to heat, and the remainder is transformed into light. As a matter of fact, considering that they provide reduced energy consumption, light-emitting diodes produce less heat. This causes them to be the most ideal option to use in structures that could get hot — a problem that eateries or restaurants and manufacturing companies have to deal with at all times. Less heat indicates reduced demand on air conditioning devices and cooling systems. This also will make light-emitting diodes a better choice, because they are very not likely to overheat. As opposed to CFLs, LED lights are up to eighty per cent more effective and seventy-five per cent more efficient in comparison to a halogen lamp.

2. Environmentally Friendly

In contrast to fluorescents and CFLs, LEDs do not incorporate extremely toxic mercury. LEDs offers such great durability. With the use of fewer LED lamps indicates less waste in the form of packing, transport, and removal. Converting to LEDs can be a significant way to help reduce your carbon footprint

3. Affordability

Until recently, Light-emitting Diode lights were past the price point for the majority of consumers. However now, because they carry on to tackle the cost of the old or traditional light bulbs, LED technology is low-cost. After you turn over to Light-emitting Diode, you will use considerably reduced energy, and your monthly expenses will reduce — and this will happen in cost savings.

4. Longevity

LED lighting fixtures endure much longer as compared to other lighting appliances. LEDs commonly endure up to twenty-five times longer as compared to halogen and incandescent light bulbs, and up to 3 times longer than CFLs. In addition, light-emitting diodes do not have filaments or glass bulbs, which will make them very long-lasting. ​​

5. Maintenance

as opposed to traditional light sources that decrease in output and suddenly fail, light-emitting diodes do not typically all of a sudden stop functioning — and they do not call for maintenance. This is not solely a great time saver but also helps you to save money on repairs and servicing.

When installing LEDs, make sure to turn to electrical professionals at Moses Electrical to tackle the job for you. Do not hesitate to give us a call today on 048 904 862 to schedule an appointment!

Switchboard Installation

Is Your Home Electrically Safe?

Let’s say that you are about to invest in a brand new home or you own a current premise and you are uncertain about the condition of the electrics. What do you do? You contact a qualified registered electrician and have an electrical inspection completed.

What is an electrical inspection?

An electrical assessment is a procedure in which an\ authorized electrician inspects the electrical elements in your house and will make certain there is absolutely no dangerous and hazardous wiring or switchgear. The procedure normally comprises of a visual inspection of the switchboard, primary earthing conductor, mains wire, hot water system, range/stove/oven, wiring, power sockets, light switches, as well as light fittings. The procedure can possibly take a couple of hours and can additionally consist of evaluating of the installation for extra risk decrease and peace of mind.

Why would I want to do that?

For starters, an electrical inspection report can determine any places in your house or premise which may possibly become or are electrically dangerous. Electrical defects are the second top reason behind house fires. You would not want to take a chance of losing your house over a few defective points, would you? Electrical inspections can enable possible brand new property owners to bargain a much better price, assist current homeowners in preparing for electrical problems in the future and provide a level of risk decrease to insurance companies and banks.

In case you are searching at buying or selling a house occasionally your insurance company will inquire for a Certificate of Verification or COV which is usually an\ essential requirement for banking companies to agree to mortgage agreements. A C.O.V is provided with an electrical inspection document and often with a building document, it is up to you to confirm that you accept one as per your due application.

When should I get an electrical inspection done?

The most typical time to have an electrical assessment or inspection completed is for a C.O.V for a post or pre-purchase of a premise. This will give peace of mind to you and your insurance coverage, however, that is not the only time to acquire one. When you own a house that is twenty-five years or older and you are uncertain when the electrics were checked the last time, it is in your very best interests to arrange an inspection.

Older homes normally have outdated and non-compliant wires and switchgear which supply little to zero protection in opposition to fire or electric shock. In case you are ever in your roof or underneath the home and discover black metal passage or black rubber cables it is an\ indicator of dangerous cabling identified as VIR (vulcanized india rubber wire) and TRS (sturdy rubber protective covering cable) and must be examined ASAP because these wires are now regarded a high fire damage.

Who should I call?

In all areas of our business, from dealing with staff, clients, to merchants and other tradesman – Moses Electrical are honest, transparent and act with integrity.  We specialise in electrical maintenance and rewiring, complete home or office fit-outs, residential services, home ventilation systems and electrical safety audits.

Our team are upfront and will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. When you decide that you want one of our friendly electricians to carry out an electrical safety audit on your property – just drop our team a line via our website, or give us a call on 048 904 862 to secure your peace of mind now.  You can check out our services here

electrical repairs

Tips for Rewiring an Old House

Personal computers, blenders, televisions, and also fridges, none of these lived when lots of ancient houses were established and first wired. Therefore updating electrical systems is a crucial process for a lot of old homes. However, attempts to upgrade electrical systems can frequently lead to a problem to historic structures. Old homes usually require upgrades to electrical systems. Practice these guidelines to get it done without leading to undue or serious damage that cannot be repaired to your premise.


Complete an electrical inventory — Generating a checklist of all the appliances you will be making use of in the dwelling, and where is the first step. Your electrical system requires to accommodate your specifications; working out where and how you will be utilizing power makes it much easier to figure the guidelines of the task.


Confirm regional codes and get permits — Codes arrange requirements for everything from how many outlets you will place in every room to what type of wire you will be utilizing. A failure to get permits can lead to having to draw out completed work.


Determine whether you want to own only electrical, or fire, data, and security as well — Advanced wiring does not only carry electricity, and wireless networks are getting progressively more economical and more advanced.


Make use of your checklist to produce a step-by-step plan of action — As soon as you have completed your first homework, sit down and formulate a punch list that centres on what you want to be completed and when you want it finished; the checklist must be the foundation of your relationship with your electrical installer.


Inspect Breaker panels with a jumble of old wires — These require to be examined very carefully by a lineman for undamaged coatings, burn markings or indications of arcing wear and tear, as well as sturdy connections.


Observe for current infrastructure — A portion of preventing damage is making certain no one punches holes in the plumbing system or established wires. This sort of knowledge requires to be a number one concern in any rewiring task.


Carry out reconstruction and demolition as an essential part of the job —  In case handling the problems carried out by rewiring is not at or close to the top of your list, you are requesting for problems. Make sure restoration and cleanup as crucial as the wiring alone.


Focus on home runs for crucial areas and appliances — The home runs refer to a state when a wire works right from a switch breaker to a socket, with no other products on that breaker. That can minimize loads on the electrical power system and maintain popped breakers to a minimal. In addition, it is crucial to keep track of which places feed to which breakers where there can be found more than one socket is involved. Generating a well-balanced system will make life much easier because your load increases and you put newer wires to use.


Incorporate plates and switches into the historical appeal and sense of the house — Many businesses provide hardware that suits the look and the feel of nearly any period, while offering a far greater border of safety than aged equipment does.


Lastly, you must work with an electrician who understands and comprehends older structures. Working in older properties is a complicated, strenuous, and overwhelming procedure. Therefore, put your trust in Moses Electrical to handle the rewiring of your home. We specialise in electrical maintenance and rewiring, complete home or office fit-outs, residential services, home ventilation systems and electrical safety audits. Call us today on 048 904 862! You can check out our services here

Emergency Electrician Wellington

When to Call an Emergency Electrician and Where to Find Electricians and Electrical Companies in Wellington City NZ

When something goes wrong with the electricity in your home, it can be difficult to know what to do. Is the problem standard or do you need an immediate solution? Problems with electricity can be overwhelming – and understandably so. Electricity is both vital and volatile. It’s not something you want to take chances with. Some issues can wait until Monday morning, while other problems require emergency intervention. At Moses Electrical, we offer 24/7 emergency services as part of our range of electrician services. When you’re deciding whether to call for an electrician in Wellington City, there are some things that can wait – and some things that can’t.

Breaker Trips

A breaker trip is not necessarily dangerous. If your breaker trips, it’s doing its job: detecting an overuse of electricity and protecting your home. Most of the time, it’s perfectly normal for a breaker to trip – it usually just means that you have too many things plugged in and operating simultaneously. If you notice that your breakers trip regularly, it’s time to call an electrician in Wellington NZ to see what’s going on.

Flickering Lights

Have you noticed your lights flickering unexpectedly? This may merely be a sudden charge moving through your home. Lights can flicker when you turn on high-wattage appliances such as space heaters or heavy power tools; storms may also cause this issue. If your lights flicker, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm or emergency intervention, but it might indicate that you should call an electrician shortly to make sure everything is functioning normally.

Sparking Outlets

Sparking outlets are difficult to pin down – and the cause may be relatively benign, or it may be dangerous. If an outlet sparks a lot, sparks for a prolonged period, or sparks unprovoked, you should call an emergency electrician to investigate at once. However, sparking can be normal when plugging something in or turning it on for the first time. When this occurs, it most likely indicates that you need new outlets soon. Many electrical companies in Wellington can help.

When to Call Emergency Electricians in Wellington NZ

So, when is the right time to call an emergency electrician? First, if you feel unsafe, it is an emergency. Safety and security are our top concerns, so don’t hesitate to call Moses Electrical if you feel you may be in a risky situation. Otherwise, call us for an emergency service if you notice signs of an electrical fire, a light that flickers for prolonged periods or buzzes, outlets that show signs of blackening or burning, tripped breakers that refuse to re-engage, outlets that spark unprovoked, outlets or appliances that generate a shock when touched, or any burnt-wire smells.

We provide high-quality, professional electrical services as a trusted company in the Wellington region. Don’t let electrical problems put you in a bind – contact the electricians in Wellington NZ at Moses Electrical today.

Certified Electrician Wellington

The Importance of Calling a Certified Electrician and Where to Find Licensed and Registered Electricians or Electrical Contractors in Wellington

When you need an electrician, it’s essential to do your research and be sure that you are hiring the right one. You may come across electricians that charge much lower rates than others and wonder why you wouldn’t choose the cheapest one.

The answer is simple: they are most likely not licensed and may not even be certified to do what they do. They may not have been through the required training, which explains why they do not hold the proper certifications. Being licensed and registered offers a guarantee to customers that the electrician will be able to perform the work to professional-quality standards. Also, a licensed electrician in Wellington can provide a warranty to protect your purchase should anything go wrong. Therefore, when you need electrical work done, you should limit your search to registered electricians in Wellington. Here’s why.

Reliability and Competence

Professional electrical contractors in Wellington complete testing that demonstrates their competence at performing all types of electrical work. This training and testing acts as an added benefit to anyone looking for an electrician and certainly contributes to the dependability, reliability, and competence of the electrician. When an electrician passes the demanding testing required, they can then receive the professional certification needed to perform electrical work on their own for their customers.

This type of testing shows that the electrician you are considering can and will comply with all building codes and provide services with a focus on safety and compliance. These certified electricians in Wellington go through extensive training to ensure that they meet all local requirements and are familiar with the permits they need in a specific location. Their training also includes how to perform a wide range of jobs safely and effectively.

Insurance Against Risk

A critical element of electrical work is being sure to avoid personal liability. Electrical work is dangerous. Although injuries are rare when the electrician takes appropriate safety measures, accidents can still happen. Electrical workers who are not appropriately trained and lack the correct certifications are more likely to experience mishaps and potential personal liability and property claims.

Even when your electrician is fully trained and certified, faulty wiring can lead to fires that spread quickly through residential complexes or individual properties. When this happens, someone must be held accountable for damages. If you choose to work with an amateur electrician, it isn’t hard to imagine the nightmare of trying to recoup damages or losses. A certified electrician in Wellington can mitigate these risks and ensure that your work is performed safely and that any damage or loss is covered.

Where to Find a Certified Electrician in Wellington

At Moses Electrical, we put our customers first. Our top-rated electricians are your go-to source for quality electrical work in the Wellington area. Whether you need some simple residential maintenance or upgrades or 24/7 emergency response, we can handle it – no project is too big or small. Contact Moses Electrical today for quality service at a great price.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Wellington

Moses Electrical Provides 24 Hour Emergency Electricians or After Hours Electricians in Wellington

Electrical issues in your home or business can bring any event or activity to a screeching halt. One moment you are cooking up a massive feast for your family with every one of your electrical kitchen appliances in full swing, the next moment you are standing in the dark.

The bottom line is that you and your family cannot be left in the dark for an extended period. Moses Electrical offers 24 hour electrician services in Wellington for any electrical problems. Our goal will be to get your home and family back to working order with full electricity as soon as possible with the understanding that the work needs to be done the right way, the first time.

Why a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Wellington is Important

One of the main reasons why a 24 hour emergency electrician in Wellington is so important is the fact that an electrical emergency never happens at the right time. We rely heavily on our electrical devices and appliances to keep our world going. If we are unable to turn a light on, charge our mobile phones or turn on our computers, we are left in a position where we can’t maintain certain parts of our daily lives. You need a 24 hour electrician in Wellington to get you back up and running fast.

Specific electrical issues need to be addressed without delay. If you suspect that you have a wiring issue in your electrical system, you ought to address it immediately. Our after hours electrician in Wellington will come to your location to fully access your electrical system to avoid any potentially serious outcomes. Faulty wiring can easily lead to electrical fires, shocks or other injuries.

If an emergency such as an electrical fire occurs, in the turmoil and stress of the event it is easy to forget that an electrician is needed to put the pieces pulled apart by the fire back together. When we complete the electrical work for your property, we do it with the goal of getting it spot-on to prevent any future electrical emergencies

Let Us Be Your On-Call Electrician

Emergencies often happen at the most inopportune time of day. Moses Electrical is a trusted name when you need a 24 hour emergency electrician in Wellington that you can count on for any of your electrical emergencies. We understand that we need to get you back up and running as soon as possible and will work around your needs and schedule to make sure we meet that goal.

For more information about our emergency electrician services, please call us anytime on 0800-32-40-40 or use our contact page for more ways to reach out to us. We are here to service and remedy all your emergency electrical needs.

Residential Electrician Wellington

Moses Electrical – The Well Known Domestic Residential Electrician for Your Home in Wellington

Electrical work can be a tricky task to tackle if you are not 100% sure on what you’re doing. Mistakes may be made which could cause more damage and an increase in cost when you do decide to call for an electrician. It’s important to understand that electrical work is a profession that is studied and learned to give you a problem free wiring system. Moses Electrical is your go-to residential electrician in Wellington who will help you restore or install all your wiring needs. We are a team of professionals and will do the work with the utmost care and precision to get the job done right the first time. However, if any problems do arise after we have finished, we will return within the day to rectify it.

Why a Domestic Electrician is Beneficial to Your Home in Wellington

If you are asking yourself why you should hire a home electrician in Wellington when you could just as easily do it yourself, the answer is simple. The job is not always as easy as it seems. When you hire a qualified electrician, you are guaranteed to have the job done at a professional level with the added advantage of a warranty in case anything goes wrong. Licensed electricians are generally reliable and competent taking much stress off you. They have to go through training and testing to ensure they will do the work in the right manner. Working with electricity is a dangerous task best left to the professionals. Our electricians at Moses Electrical are insured, though injuries are rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Faulty wiring can occur which mostly leads to fires that can spread through communities. If this does happen then damages need to be accounted for which is less of a stressful situation if you have a licensed electrician. At Moses Electrical we pride ourselves on being the top residential electrician in Wellington.

Moses Electrical and Our Seven-Point Guarantees

Here we are proud to be a leading electrical company with guarantees you can count on which are:

  1. We are quick with our responses with seven electricians on call 24/7
  2. We guarantee your safety because we will leave your home clean and secure
  3. We will communicate with you throughout the process of any problems that may arise, and we always keep you in the loop
  4. You will have an extended warranty of two years where we will fix any issue for free
  5. No job is too big; we can service home extensions, rewiring, fuse board upgrades, EV electric car installation or faulty lights
  6. We will deliver your invoices and quotes fast and accurately
  7. We have the best technology to ensure that we can do the job to the best of our abilities

Contact us today, and we can provide you with a quote or answer any questions you may have. We offer the full range of electrical work with our domestic electrician in Wellington at Moses Electrical.