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What Is An Electrical Inspection?

Electrical systems are an essential component of every property, and they are required to be safe and installed according to industry standards. Properly installed and maintained electrical systems ensure the safety of the occupants of a property and help to prevent electrical fires and other hazards. Moses Electrical offers a range of electrical services including […]

How To Install An Electrical Switch

Are you tired of dealing with an old, dirty switch in your home? Maybe you’re planning a home renovation and want to install a new switch, but you’re not sure if you can do it yourself. Don’t worry, with a few simple steps, you can install an electrical switch yourself and save some money in […]

Guide To Charge Electric Vehicle at Home

While a significant number of New Zealand car owners are going green with electric cars, you might still be in a dilemma when it comes to charging. Of course, you would be having a dedicated charging port at home. This is the most viable option to charge your vehicle, considering your convenience and cost-effectiveness. Most […]

Signs You Should Call Emergency Electrician

Electrical hazards come without warning, but when you have one, you need to call an immediate emergency electrician. If the problem calls for professional attention, be fast enough to contact one of the best emergency electricity companies. Many people think of an electrical emergency as a simple power outage that prohibits everyone in the house […]

How Lightning Damages Homes And Tips For Prevention

Everyday thunderstorms can have dangerous lightning. Lightning damages house quite as much as some of these other points, however, you might not think about it as much simply because while hail might land in a large area, lightning strikes are much less widespread. The danger of lightning is a significant problem because of lightning damages […]

Taking a Look Inside Your Switchboard

If you have been curious to know about the insides of standard switchboards, keep on reading to identify some common components of switchboards, Rewirable Fuse The fuse wire is capable of handling a specific amount of current up to a specified point (for example, 10amps) and as soon as this limit has been exceeded the […]

Converting to LEDs and Saving on Your Power Bill

In today’s market, there are numerous lighting alternatives offered for companies. Choices vary from conventional incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights known as CFLs, then the halogens, and the last one is light-emitting diodes or LEDs. There are numerous excellent LED lighting choices to pick from, and LED lighting technological innovation has come a […]

Is Your Home Electrically Safe?

Let’s say that you are about to invest in a brand new home or you own a current premise and you are uncertain about the condition of the electrics. What do you do? You contact a qualified registered electrician and have an electrical safety inspection completed. What is an electrical safety inspection? An electrical assessment […]

Tips for Rewiring an Old House

Personal computers, blenders, televisions, and also fridges, none of these lived when lots of ancient houses were established and first wired. Therefore updating electrical systems is a crucial process for a lot of old homes. However, attempts to upgrade electrical systems can frequently lead to a problem to historic structures. Old homes usually require upgrades […]