Can I get a quote?

Yes, absolutely. Just fill in the contact form below or call 048 904 862 and we will arrange to get a quote delivered to you within 72 hours. Our technicians are highly experienced, and if it is a small job they will be able to quote the job onsite, eliminating the need for an extra visit.

Do you do emergency call-outs or after-hours work?

Yes, we are available 24/7 – we guarantee the phone will be answered, and when you email, we’ll respond within 45 minutes.

I need a re-wire, will I be left without power at any stage?

No, we can assure you that we have processes in place to ensure that you’ll have power at all times – except for the critical stage in the process where we are hooking up the new cables to the switchboard. We only bite off what we can chew in a day, so we aren’t scrambling to get your power back at the end.

How long does a re-wire take?

A standard 100sqm home generally takes about 5 days.

What is a CoC and do I need one?

A CoC, or Certificate of Compliance, is a legal document issued by a registered electrician that is completed to certify any electrical work carried out. All of our tradesmen will provide you with a CoC after each job and we keep a copy of these so if you need them in the future we can give this to you.

What payment methods do you have?

We accept all major credit cards (there is a fee for this, please check your invoice), and direct debit. Our team can take credit card payments on the spot via our job management system.

I have an urgent job that I need done today, can you help?

Yes, we are available for urgent service jobs. There is an extra fee for this and we will be up front with you about that. You can call our team on 048 904 862 and they will tell you what the cost will be and arrange a technician for you. Urgent service jobs do incur a significant cost as we have to put down our tools on a current Job, reorganise our work schedule, travel to the site, carry out your urgent job and then resume schedule.